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Headquarters Marine Corps


Headquarters Marine Corps

Garrison Property
Mission Statement

Provide logistical and administrative support to personnel assigned to the Marine Corps National Capital Region Command in the most proficient and professional manner. This support includes, but is not limited to: procurement of property accountability, equipment acceptance, delivery, disposal, and or redistribution.
Operational Sections

Property Accountability

Property Disposal/pick-up

Delivery Schedule

DRMO Procedures

Missing, Lost, Stolen Property Procedures

Marine Corps Orders and Directives

RO Certificates

DD 1348's
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Garrison Property Officer
(703) 693-4729

Property Manager
(703) 693-4727

Property Chief
(703) 614-8668

Property Clerk
(703) 414-2775

Henderson Hall
Building 28

Hours Of Operation

(703) 614-1630