CMRs and ROs
Consolidated Memoradum Receipt Property Records Responsible Officers page
Responsible Officers - Appointed in writing by the Commanding Officer

Authorized Recipient - Person appointed in writing by the RO to receipt for equipment on the RO's behalf.

Consolidated Memorandum Receipt (CMR) listing - Automated, reported, generated and maintained in ATLASS that lists the equipment on charge to the RO.

Responsible Officers

Responsible Officers are responsible for:

  • Receipt for all equipment in their account
  • Maintain equipment in a ready-for-use condition
  • Accountablity of equipment in their acocunt
  • Reporting changes to the Supply Officer within 15 calendar days
  • Requesting investigative or adjustment action, in writing, for equipent abuse or loss to the CO via the Supply Officer
  • Conducting account reconcilitations with Supply
  • Conducting periodic inventories, at least annually. Must physically see and verify all equipment.
Responsible Officers should not:

  • Redistribute equipment outside their account wihtout the prior approval of the Supply Officer
  • Temporarily loan equipment outside their account without the prior approval of the Supply Officer
  • Dispose of equipment from their account without the prior approval of the Supply Officer
  • Fail to report loss, damage or abuse of equipment in their control
  • Fail to report additional property found within their span of control
Responsible Officer Record Keeping

  • The RO will keep his copy of the CMR current
  • The CMR will be annotated in pencil on a day-to-day basis
*Records at the RO's level will be kept to a minimum.

  • RO's should be encouraged to use sub-custody methods to account for equipment they have issued to subodinates. ECR cards, Automated CMR listings using database, spreadsheet programs.
  • Instruction should be provided to Ro's to ensure their records will stand up to the challenges of responsibility for assets.
Consolidated Memorandum Receipt Property Records

CMR Discrepancies

Discrepancies must be reported, in writing, to the CO, via the Supply officer as a Request for Investigation or Adjustment of the Property Records.
Even clearly administrative errors will be reported in writing. Document Everything!!!

Where's the burden of proof on discrepancies?
Does Supply have proof that the RO was ever in possession/issued the asset?
Prior signed CMR w/o disrepancy reported. Interim receipt (issued since the time last CMR was signed), signed by RO or designated representative.

Provided the Supply records are accurate and we have maintained our supporting documentation, the burden of proof will always fall on the RO in any dispute.

Basic Steps:

RO provides written report of discrepancy and requests investigation or adjustments to the records.

  • The discrepancy will be fully explained by the RO.
  • Statements such as "I don't have it," or "I couldn't find it" are not acceptable.
  • If there is a physical loss, the RO will indicate whether voluntary reimbursement by the RO has been offered.
Supply Officer endorses the RO's report.

  • Supply Officer may resolve discrepancies in the scope of his authority.
  • Supply Officer will clarify any ambiguities in the request.
  • Supply Officer may provide recommendations to the CO for further action.
  • Supply Officer will cunduct causative research and include those results in the endorsement
CMR Reconciliations

Conducted Semi-annually or upon change of RO.
A new RO will be appointed if the current RO will be sepearted from his equipment for a period that exceeds 60 days.
Adequate turnover time should be provided to facilitate RO turnover of the account. Minimum recommended time: 30 days.

Supply will generate two copies of a new, updated CMR and provide to the RO with a cover letter (see figure 3-6 in UM 4400-124).
RO will reconcile account and return one signed copy of the CMR to supply within 15 days (or request extension in writing).

If the discrepancy can be resolved or requires investigation the Supply Officer will cunduct causative research and endorse the RO's request for investigation/adjustment to the CO.

In any case, the RO will still initial and sing the CMR. His/her request for investigation is the supporting documentation outlining the position on the discrepancy.
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