S-6 Comm and Info Systems
S-6 Comm and Info Systems for the Headquarters and Service Battalion
The delivery of Information Technology Services Management (ITSM) services that provide the installation and tenant the ability to accomplish their installation operations, support command and control, and command mission requirements. Services consist of information assurance, systems and network management, collaboration and messaging services, computers, fixed voice, wireless connectivity services, multi-media visual information, video teleconferencing, service desk, software, firmware, procedures, services (including support services), and related resources (e.g., IT workforce). It includes manpower authorizations, contracts, peculiar and support equipment, and associated costs to plan, manage, coordinate and execute the delivery of services. Supporting activities include alignment with DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) and standards, configuration management, continuity of operations and disaster recovery planning, service level management, information assurance compliance and reporting, infrastructure sustainment and modernization, and a professional IT workforce. The sub-functions definitions pertain to operations of the sub-function and sustainment of infrastructure supporting the sub-functions.

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