PAO (Public Affairs)

Mission Statement: Provide administrative support and guidance to the Commanding Officer, Headquarters and Service Battalion (H&S Bn), Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), HQMC staff agencies, and the Marines of H&S Bn by:

  • Providing notary services.  The adjutant is a notary.  The adjutant can be emailed at

  • Managing the command’s directives control point (DCP).  Battalion orders were summarized in the Battalion SOP in June 2019.

  • Responding to congressional and special interest correspondence (Congressional Inquiries and Inspector General Complaints).

  • Processing Electronic Personnel Administration Requests (EPARs).

  • Responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

  • Advising personnel on performance evaluations system (PES) issues.

  • Processing personnel casualty reports and personnel related Serious Incident Reports (SIRs).

  • Processing personal awards for the headquarters staff and providing advice when the chain of command is unclear.

  • Managing official mail.

  • Processing Flag Requests.

  • Managing the Command Duty Roster.

  • Managing MOL Permissions and Billet Identification Code assignments.

  • Creating enlisted promotion warrants and distributing officer promotion warrants after receiving them from the promotions branch in Quantico.

  • Managing battalion legal administration.  This includes non-judicial punishment, command investigations, and administrative separations. For Courts Martial, the S-1 requests legal services support from the Staff Judge Advocate, Marine Corps Installations Command

  • Serving as the Battalion Agency Program Coordinator (APC) for Government Travel Charge Cards (GTCC).

  • Serving as the Defense Travel System (DTS) Organizational Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA) for the Battalion.  Also houses approving officials for DTS authorizations and vouchers for Headquarters Company.

  • Approving convalescent leave and overseas leave on behalf of the Commanding Officer.

  • Serving as the Voting Assistance Office.

  • Managing security clearance in-briefing, out-briefing and initiating investigations for the Headquarters personnel. 


Contact the Flag Program Coordinator: (703) 614-2014; DSN  224-2014
              H&S BN, HQMC, HENDERSON HALL 
              1555 SOUTHGATE ROAD 
              BLDG 29, RM 200
              ARLINGTON, VA 22214 
Email request to:

Flag Request Form: Flag Request Form 2021

Headquarters Marine Corps