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The Customer Service Section is responsible handling routine administrative matters for walk-in customers; duties include marriage/divorce packages, awards updates, personal information updates into MCTFS, completing required triennial audit, and providing general information/guidance for newly introduced administrative practices.

B. Electronic Record Keeping. The Customer Service section is responsible for the update, care, control, accountability, and security of all electronic correspondence and service records.

Information Flow

In an effort to reduce the requirement for Marines to physically visit the CONAD for routine personnel actions, Marines are highly encouraged to utilize the MyPay web site ( or the Marine On-Line web site ( whenever possible to complete administrative tasks.

Electronic Personnel Action Requests (E-PARs)

A. E-PARs via MOL or hard-copy PARs are strongly encouraged for all Marines. E-PARs allow the member to track the administrative progress of the request.

B. Response time for routine E-PARs is 5 working days. Those E-PARs requiring detailed research, coordination with other department or multiple actions may require a longer period to accomplish. The target response time for pay-related or urgent matters is 24 to 48 hours. An E-PAR is not considered complete until all department diary action has posted and the Marine has been notified.


All SRB/OQRs are Maintained at MMSB, new documents are uploaded to OMPF once Audits are completed.

Triennial Audits

As required by current regulations, triennial SRB/OQR audits will be conducted every 3 years. The triennial SRB/OQR audit will be conducted by a personal interview with the member and comparison of data in MCTFS.

a. Marines are required to inform CONAD with immediate notification of changes that may affect the status of pay entitlements. Such changes include: marriage/divorce,separation for the purpose of or intent to divorce,birth/death/acquisition of a dependent, change in BAH status/residence on or off base.

Dependent Add/Loss Packages

Marines who experience a change in marital status or gains/losses a family member must immediately notify the Customer Service Section. These changes require both department diary reporting to correct information into MCTFS and a complete review of all entitlements. Marines requiring this type of administrative service must report to the CONAD with all supporting documents, i.e. marriage/birth certificates, divorce decrees, etc. Note: ID cards are issued by the ID Card/DEERS and Passport Office.

Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS)

All Marines assigned the H&S Battalion, HQMC, Henderson Hall are entitled to BAS as messing is not available.

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)

BAH is based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and family member status/location. The intent of BAH is to provide uniformed service members accurate and equitable housing compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets, and is payable when government quarters are not provided.

A. BAH O/R is not authorized for personnel in pay
grade E-5 and below unless requested for and approved to resideoff base by the Battalion Commander. Personnel in the pay grade E-5 and below married to service members who do not establish a joint household or do not have physical custody of dependent children will be required to request permission to reside off base.

B. Upon the loss of all dependents (through divorce,
death, or legal separation), Marines residing on the economy must submit request for approval for entitlement to BAH O/R.


Marines who claim BAH solely upon the financial support of a dependent minor child, may be eligible for BAH-DIFF if such financial support is equal or greater than the amount of BAH-DIFF. If support payments are less than the amount of BAH-DIFF and the member has no other qualifying criteria which would make them eligible for a greater BAH rate, the service member is entitled to BAH-partial only. If a Marine is authorized to reside off base, and child support payments are equal to or greater than the amount of BAH-DIFF, the service member is entitled to BAH at the “with dependents rate” with a BAH-DIFF qualifier code.


Marines desiring to have an award reported in MCTFS may do so by submitting the supporting documentation to the CONAD. All source documents must be verified by the CONAD for inclusion into MCTFS. Supporting documentation may include a copy of the MARADMIN announcing the award, copy of Pg 3, or a copy of the award citation itself. EXAMPLE: A Marine was TAD for 30 days in support of the Recruiting Assistance Program. Later, a MARADMIN is published, announcing that the Marine Corps Recruiting Command has been approved for a Navy Department Commendation. In this scenario, the Marine would provide the Customer Service Section with a copy of his/her TAD orders as verification of such TAD, as well as a copy of the MARADMIN. All personal awards awarded by a Marine’s command (higher than a Navy Achievement Medal) will be reported in MCTFS via the awards web-based system (IAPS) or HQMC (MMA).

Post 9/11 GIBILL: MMOA/MMEA is the sole authorization for the Post 9/11 GIBILL approval. Contact MMOA/MMEA or your career planner for further guidance.
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