MCA Information Awards
The Marine Corps Association (MCA) Information awards program is administered by the Deputy Commandant for Information (DC I) and consists of nineteen awards for excellence in the fields of communications, intelligence, and information.

In accordance with annual guidelines (to be published via MARADMIN message), subordinate commands are directed to submit award recommendations in the form and manner prescribed herein in order to recognize those Marines, civilian Marines, and Marine units/organizations displaying exemplary performance and dedication to duty.

Every year, the Marines and civilians working within the Marine Corps Information Environment Enterprise (MCIEE) make tremendous contributions and sacrifices while executing pivotal roles within the Marine Corps.  This program is designed to provide individual recognition for performance that reflects exceptional initiative, leadership, management/organizational skills, and devotion to duty.  Unit/organization awards recognize those units that have made the most outstanding contributions to the Marine Corps through development of advanced concepts, doctrine, technology, or procedures and/or through demonstration of consistent resourcefulness and responsiveness while providing support in a tactical, operational, or strategic environment.


Nomination packages must be submitted to the DC I Front Office NLT 15 January 2023. Commands listed in enclosure (1) of DC IO 1650.2 will accept nomination packages from their subordinate commands and conduct a board to select and forward the best qualified packages based on the quantities outlined for each award category.  Each nomination package will be endorsed by the commanding general of the MARFOR as listed in enclosure (1) of DC IO 1650.2.  All units not listed in enclosure (1) of reference (a) may submit nominations directly to DC I via the first General Officer in their administrative chain of command.

Classified SOAs will be accepted up to the Secret level. In the case of a classified SOA, all other requirements should be still be submitted as prescribed in the current year MARADMIN via unclassified channels.

USMC nominations must contain all requested information and must be sent via email to HQMC_DCI_Awards@usmc by COB 15 January 2023.  No fax or hard copy submissions will be accepted.  Due to the timeline, no extensions will be approved.

Questions regarding the MCA Information  Awards Program may be sent to HQMC_DCI_Awards@usmc.


DC IO 1650.2 MCAF INFO Awards