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The purpose of the Information Workforce Division (IWD) is to foster a high performing, learning driven, agile team of civilians and their supervisors.  IWD establishes policies, plans, programs, and processes for the life cycle of human capital management, from workforce planning through succession management.  This website provides tools and opportunities for professional development and mentorship in order to engage and grow our talent.  The goal of this website is to provide employees, supervisors and mentors information and resources that will be helpful in career planning and development.


- DPMAP Advisory: Mid-year progress review.  Starts on 9 SEP and must be completed NLT 4 OCT. Review DPMPAP tools in Employee and Supervisor Resource Pages.

- New Supervisor Orientation (NSO);  Courses have just opened up in November.  More Information in the Supervisor Resource Center, under the NSO drop down menu on the right hand side.  Seats are going fast!!

-Academic Degree Program:  If you are planning to request assistance from the Academic degree program (ADP) for 1st QTR, FY 20 please visit the Employee Resource Center, click on the ADP drop down on the right for request form, requirements and point of contact.

-Financial Planning for First Term Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) Employees.   Target Audience:  All FERS eligible Federal Employees with less than 5 years of federal service.   This course will take place at Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), November 20-21.  Please direct all  register requests and/or questions to Ms. Carolyn Smith, training coordinator, MCIA, csmith@mcia.osis.gov. 



Director of Information Workforce Division:

Mr. Stephen Ramp

Deputy Director:

Mr. Dave Close


Learning from Industry Exchange - Amazon Web Services

12-15 NOV

Learning Objectives:

1.1 Obtain working knowledge of designing, deploying, and operating in a Zero Trust Network environment.

1.2. Obtain working knowledge and understanding data governance, data strategy, and data tagging.

1.3. Obtain working knowledge and understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) on an enterprise network.

1.4 Obtain working knowledge and understanding of how cloud can work at the tactical edge for Denied, Degraded, Intermittent, and Low-bandwidth (D-DIL) users.

Must be approved by your supervisor and selected by Division lead.  Candidates must be familiar with learning objectives.  Contact IWD team for questions.

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