Our Emblems and Graphics


Our Emblems

There are several symbols and variations of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. The most popular version is the Marine Corps Emblem which is available for commercial use with a license agreement from the USMC Trademark Licensing Office. 
Unlike the Marine Corps Emblem, the Official Marine Corps Seal is not available for commercial use and is reserved exclusively for internal USMC use. Executive Order 10538 dated June 22, 1954 established the USMC seal. 
Full-Color, Eagle, Globe and Anchor; is actually a photograph taken from the officer uniform. It is a compelling visual and very recognizable. As it is a photograph, it should never be blown up to a size which causes the emblem to be pixilated. 
Additionally, there is an approved line art version of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor which is available in several approved colors. 



Graphics are available upon request and approval from the Trademark Licensing Office. However, we are not a graphics shop. If you need graphics and are employed by the DoD please contact your local graphics shop.