Marine Corps Trademark and Licensing Program


Elements of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor date back to 1776. Today’s Eagle, Globe and Anchor represents the many different aspects of the Corps’ lasting heritage and limitless future. These guidelines ensure the EGA is used in a consistent manner. While not comprehensive, this guidance covers many situations.

Department of Defense employees and their immediate families have an implied permission to use the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on personal products such as t-shirts, cakes, and banners. These items must be intended for personal and may not be sold or used in advertising or potential endorsements. Use of the Eagle, Globe and Anchor must adhere to guidelines at this site. Designs must still be approved by the Trademark Licensing Office.

Commanders may use the EGA on “perishable” products and those involving limited expense, such as printed materials, clothing, coins, etc. Commanders retain discretion to decide how the EGA is used in their organizations consistent with these guidelines.

This guide educates all non-Federal entities and individuals on the use of official seals and other protected logos, insignia and marks of the DoD and Military Services. While intended to inform all NFEs about how these marks may or may not be used, this guide is focused particularly toward leaders and key staff of national veteran service organizations, institutions of higher education and military service organizations.

This guide helps clarify which USMC marks require licensing and in which instances licensing is not required. This list is subject to periodic updates. If you have any questions regarding this guide please feel free to contact us for clarification.

This guide aids individuals in the proper designing of products bearing USMC trademarks. Part of protecting these historic marks is ensuring they are used correctly and in good taste. The use of USMC trademarks for commercial purposes and in advertising free or paid is not authorized without the written consent of the USMC Trademark Licensing Office.