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Motion Picture & TV Liaison Office

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The Marine Corps Motion Picture & TV Liaison Office, also known as LA Public Affairs, provides assistance to directors, producers and writers in the entertainment industry by providing DoD support for major motion pictures, television shows, video games and documentaries to inform and educate the public about the roles and missions, history, operations, and training of the United States Marine Corps.

What we provide

Since 1917, we have helped producers, writers and directors of non-Government, entertainment and non-entertainment-based media productions with the following:

  • Coordination for the use of personnel, aircraft, and equipment.
  • Access to Marine Corps installations, both within the United States and forward combat zones.
  • Assistance in obtaining broadcast-quality Marine Corps stock footage and "B" roll footage.
  • Accurate Script and story development
  • Access to highly-qualified subject matter experts (i.e. pilots, engineers, infantrymen, etc)

Note: All productions must be approved by the Department of Defense and meet specific criteria for support. Click on our FAQs link for more information.

What production companies should do

  • Fill out a Production Support Request Form. Call 310-235-7272 or email lapao@usmc.mil to request this document.
  • Include a detailed treatment or synopsis with your form.
What production companies should NOT do
  • Contact units or individual Marines on their own to request official support. All coordination must be first approved by and coordinated through this office. Without a signed agreement from a representative of this office, Marines will not be authorized to participate in productions.
Contact Information

Marine Corps Motion Picture & Television Liaison Office
10880 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1230
Los Angeles, Ca 90024
Tel: 310-235-7272
Fax: 310-235-7274