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Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion

Intelligence Department

Fort Meade, MD
Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion
MCSB Values

1. Whole Marine (foster this and train to it; prep for Operating Force service and leadership roles)

2. Mentor (everyone needs one or to be one - no one needs a tyrant)

3. Initative (be in the arena - those outside of it will neither know victory or defeat)

4. Decisions (make them; or, once made, execute as if they were your own)

5. Duty (you can never do more, and should never do less)

6. Teamwork (promote and improve it)

7. Personal Conduct (don't embarrass yourself, your family, your unit or the Corps)

8. Set the Tone (take your duties seriously, but not yourself)


Under the operational  control of the Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service (DIRNSA/CHCSS) via the Marine Corps Service Cryptologic Component Chief, Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion trains, employs, and deploys Marines in order to conduct Signals Intelligence, Information Assurance, and National-Tactical Integration activities that satisfy NSA/CSS, Marine Air-Ground Task Force, and joint force intelligence requirements.

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Duty Hours: S-1

After Hours: Duty NCO