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Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office

Headquarters Marine Corps

ExFOB 2014
About ExFOB
Created by the Commandant in 2009, the United States Marine Corps' Experimental Forward Operating Base (ExFOB) brings together stakeholders from across the Marine Corps requirements, acquisition, and technology development communities in a dynamic process to quickly evaluate and deploy technologies that reduce our need for "liquid logistics" today, and to establish requirements for tomorrow. ExFOB guides the development of new requirements documents and informs Marine Corps investment decisions, taking new capabilities "from concept to combat."

ExFOB Process
Once a year, industry is invited to ExFOB to demonstrate off-the-shelf technologies with potential to address current material and non-material capability gaps identified in the Marine Corps E2W2 ICD. Promising technologies are then put into the hands of Marines for extended user evaluation under combat and training conditions. User evaluation results inform requirements development and ultimately lead to procurement and fielding of systems that close these gaps, resulting in a more combat-effective fighting force.


Once fielded, energy and water technologies first demonstrated at ExFOB will increase the operational reach of the force. Specific capability gains expected from these systems include:

  • Power patrol bases entirely on renewable energy
  • Conduct extended foot patrols with limited or no fuel or battery resupply
  • Lighten the carried load of batteries and water for a 96-hour patrol from ~65 lb to ~7 lb
  • Reduce the need to carry multiple types of batteries
  • Reduce generator runtime by up to 80 percent and generator fuel use by up to 50 percent
  • Increase fuel efficiency of the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) by 25 percent or more
  • Reduce vehicle fuel use while idling by 30 percent
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Technology Focus

Spring/Summer 2015



ExFOB Team
ExFOB in the Field
In July 2010, India Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment trained on and deployed to Afghanistan with a suite of renewable energy technologies demonstrated at the first ExFOB. With these systems in place, India 3/5 operated two patrol bases entirely on renewable energy, reduced fuel consumption at a third base by 90%, and executed a three-week foot patrol without battery resupply, lightening their carried load by 700 pounds.