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Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C) – formerly known as ExFOB – 2015 RFI released!

  • The Marine Corps released a Request for Information (RFI) for the next Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C) technology demonstration (formerly known as ExFOB). E2C 2015 will be held 23-25 June 2015 at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The deadline to respond to the RFI is Friday, March 6th.

    This year, E2C will focus on 3 technology areas:
    1. Hybrid/electric all-terrain vehicles
    2. Advanced batteries and energy storage
    3. Fuel cells (up to 10kW)

    View the E2C 2015 RFI or visit www.fbo.gov (search keyword: 'E2C' or solicitation number: M67854-15-E2C-RFI).

    For more information, visit the Expeditionary Energy Concepts (E2C) page.

By 2025, we will deploy Marine Expeditionary Forces that can maneuver from the sea and sustain C4I and life support systems in place; the only liquid fuel needed will be for mobility systems which will be more efficient than systems are today.

- USMC Expeditionary Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan, March 2011
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