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Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office (E2O) Recognized for Innovation

The Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office was recently recognized for innovation in energy technology and leadership. E2O received recognition from the following three awards programs:
  • 2016 Edison Awards Finalist
    • USMC E2O’s Joint Infantry Company Prototype (JIC-P) Program was selected as a finalist in the Energy & Sustainability (Alternative Energy) Award Category for the 2016 Edison Awards.
    • Read more and see all of the 2016 finalists on the Edison Awards website.

  • Winner of 2016 Business Intelligence Group (BIG) Innovation Awards Winner
    • USMC E2O’s JIC-P Program was also selected as a winner for the 2016 BIG Innovation Awards.
    • Read more and see all of the 2016 winners on the BIG Innovation Awards website.

  • 2015 Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Innovation Awards Honorable Mention
    • The USMC E2O Team was recognized for innovative energy leadership, receiving Honorable Mention in the Innovation Leadership Category for the 2015 SECNAV Innovation Awards.
    • For more information and to see all of the award winners and honorable mentions, view the ALNAV message.

Marine Corps Energy Leadership Video Series
  • Check out energy video messages from senior leadership across the Marine Corps by visiting the E2O Videos and Images page!
By 2025, we will deploy Marine Expeditionary Forces that can maneuver from the sea and sustain C4I and life support systems in place; the only liquid fuel needed will be for mobility systems which will be more efficient than systems are today.

- USMC Expeditionary Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan, March 2011
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