Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office


Marine Corps Expeditionary Energy Office

Headquarters Marine Corps

Expeditionary Energy
Expeditionary Energy or Operational Energy:  The energy required for training, moving, and sustaining military forces and weapons platforms for military operations. Includes energy used by tactical power systems, generators, and weapons platforms. (NDAA 2009)
Operational Energy Awareness Video
NPS’s Energy Academic Group Operational Energy Awareness Video

November 2017

Happening Now
Motor-T Operational Energy Posters and Tip Sheets
  • The effective use of operational energy decreases mission risk, increases operational reach, and improves unit readiness.
  • To optimize energy use within the Motor-T MOS, the following posters and tip sheets provide information on effective operator behavior, loading, and PMCS.
To change the way the Marine Corps employs energy and resources to increase combat effectiveness and reduce our need for logistics support.

Analyze, develop, and direct the Marine Corps’ energy strategy in order to optimize expeditionary capabilities across all warfighting functions.

Further, E2O’s role is to advise the Marine Requirements Oversight Council (MROC) on all energy and resource related requirements, acquisitions, and programmatic decisions. E2O serves as the Functional Advocate for Operational Energy.