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Commandant of the Marine Corps

Headquarters Marine Corps

The Commandant In The News

Washington Post: New top Marine Corps general releases plan to shake up the service

11/15/2014 CNN: Readiness worries, Marine Commandant looks for a few more resources      
10/20/2014 GovExec: General Joe Dunford assumes post as Marine Commandant      
10/20/2014  Boston Globe: Little notice as Mass native takes top Marine job      
10/29/2014 General Dunford's 2014 USMC Birthday Video      
10/17/2014  Washington Post: Gen Dunford becomes next Commandant   
1/9/2014  Breaking Defense: Marines 2014 - Year of Decision for ACV   
1/4/2014  San Diego U-T: Marines Celebrate Tradition, Change  
12/29/2013  San Diego U-T: Marines in Gulf Prepared for Crisis   
12/24/2013 San Diego U-T: Top Marine Visits Troops in Afghanistan  
12/12/2013  USA Today: Military Grapples With Limiting Damage From Video   
11/30/2013  San Diego U-T: Marines Get Refresher in Values, Discipline   
11/22/2013  Wall Street Journal: General Cleared of Favoritism Charge   
11/18/2013 Breaking Defense: Amos & Dempsey - Don't Just Stop Sequester, Save the Ground Force   
11/8/2013 Breaking Defense: Service Chiefs Critique Hagel's SCMR: 'Rosy' & 'Dangerous' Assumptions  
10/17/2013  Wall Street Journal: General Reinforces Marine Standards  
10/17/2013 USA Today: Commandant Calls For Renewed Focus on Discipline  
9/30/2013 San Diego U-T: Marine Generals Out After Bastion Attack  
9/30/2013 Foreign Policy: Marines Sack Two Generals For Failing to Stop Afghan Attack  
9/30/2013  Politico: 2 Marine Generals Out After Attack Investigation  
9/30/2013  NYT: Two Marine Generals Are Forced to Retire Over Fatal Security Breach  
9/30/2013 WSJ:  Two Marine Generals Ousted Over 2012 Attack in Afghanistan  
9/30/2013 USA Today:  Two Generals Asked to Retire in Wake of Bastion Attack  
9/30/2013  Wash Post: Two Marine Generals Fired for Security Lapses in Afghanistan  
9/17/2013 WSJ: The Marines Need Funding For Today's Threats, Not a Pre-9/11 World  
9/16/2013  Defense One: Amos: America Needs a Robust Crisis Response Force  
7/30/2013 Hagel Backs Amos in Urination Case  
3/30/2013  NY Times: Women (and Men) Face Big Hurdles in Training for Marine Infantry Units  
3/21/2013 WSJ: General expects Marine Corps to shrink due to sequester  
3/2/2013  NY Times: As Marines exit Afghan province, a feeling the campaign was worth it   
2/24/2013  USA Today: Marine generals showing rare dominance of top jobs  
2/18/2013  NY Times: In arduous officer course, women offer clues to their future in infantry  
2/14/2013  Washington Times: Afghan troops taking lead in Helmand   
2/14/2013  ND: Amos: sequester would result in Marines unprepared for missions  
2/12/2013  Washington Times: Budget cuts threaten Marines survivability  
2/12/2013 FP: GOP vs. the generals all over again  
2/6/2013 Marine Corps Times: More Marines to Japan; Vietnam, Cambodia next
1/31/2013 Marine commandant says infantry skeptical of female performance
1/30/2013 USA Today: Some combat jobs may remain closed to women
1/28/2013 Marine Corps Times: Corps plans for more women in combat units
12/18/2012  Army War College: Top Marine shares vision of the future
12/17/2012 KPBS: Marines on active duty to face random breathalyzer testing
12/12/2012 WaPo: Marine commandant's home decorated for holidays
12/9/2012 FP: Marine Corps enters age of austerity Amos says
12/7/2012 The Diplomat: Our institutional DNA: Marines surge to the Asia-Pacific
11/22/2012 Union Tribune: Commandant sets Marines on new course
11/21/2012 REUTERS: Marines establish first operational squadron of F-35 fighters
11/13/2012 WTOP: Concerns about the future keep top Marine up at night
11/8/2012 Washington Examiner: The few, the proud, the good enough
11/8/2012 FP: Quadruple the Marine Corps' amphibious forces? Yes, commanders say.
11/8/2012 AOL Defense: Tighten your belts through 2020 says Gen Amos; I'm already taking risks
10/20/2012  GulfLive: USS America christened in Pascagoula 
9/14/2012 USA TODAY: Marines get top citation for Afghanistan service
9/10/2012 REUTERS: More problems raised at Pentagon F-35 fighter review
9/10/2012  REUTERS: Budget cuts seen squeezing Marines' capacity, programs
9/10/2012 REUTERS: 'Tailhook' cleaned up, but top Marine sees more work to stop sex assaults
8/28/2012 STARS and STRIPES: Amos: No slap on wrist for Marines urinating on corpses
8/28/2012 NATIONAL DEFENSE MAGAZINE:  Sequestration dangerous to Marine Corps
8/28/2012 REUTERS: U.S. Marines remain focused on preventing suicides
8/29/2012 AP: Women slowly advance into Marine combat jobs
8/28/2012 WASHINGTON BLADE: Top U.S. Marine: Openly gay servicemembers not an issue
8/28/2012 AOL DEFENSE: Marines must live with 'good enough' as budget shrinks
8/28/2012 HUFF POST: Gen Amos vows to end sexual assault in ranks
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