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Cybersecurity Division


Cybersecurity Division

Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

For Official Use Only Documents


The selected file is For Official Use Only so access is restricted.  


  1. Do you have an MCW Account?  
      a. If so, proceed to paragraph two below.  
      b. If not, proceed to paragraph three below.  
  2. Have you been previously added to the Stakeholders group?  


    a. If so, proceed to the following URL: https://eis.usmc.mil/sites/c4/cy1/DocLib/Forms/CY_Directives.aspx.


      b. If not, email: Cybersecurity Division Information Manager to be added.  


3. Request your MCW Account via the MCEITS EIS Helpdesk: https://mceits.usmc.mil/Pages/RequestAccount.aspx.            


       a. Ensure to list the reason for the access request.  
       b. Ensure to list HQMC C4 in the "Requesting Site" block.  
  *  Upon downloading, be sure to protect the documents as appropriate for "For Official Use Only" documents  *  

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Contact Information
  • Cybersecurity Division

    Headquarters Marine Corps Cybersecurity Division

    Pentagon, Room 2D247
    Washington, DC 20350-3000  

    Telephone: (703) 693-3490