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Cybersecurity Division


Cybersecurity Division

Command, Control, Communications, and Computers

Electronic Key Management System

The Electronic Key Management System - a U.S. NSA led program, is responsible for COMSEC key management, accounting and distribution. Specifically, EKMS generates and distributes electronic keying material for all NSA encryption systems. The electronic keys are loaded into encryption systems using standard fill devices (i.e., AN/CYZ-10 or AN/PYQ-10), and directs the distribution of NSA produced keying material. Additionally, EKMS performs account registration, privilege management, ordering, distribution and accounting to direct the management and distribution of physical COMSEC material for Services. The common EKMS components and standards facilitate interoperability and commonality among the Armed Forces.            

COMSEC Advisory List / EKMS Publication and Guidance
 COMSEC Advisories  


  • 001/14 Annual Recap
  • 002/14 Disposition of Legacy Fill Device (KYK-13) 
  • 003/14 Disposition of KSV-21
  • 004/14 STE Software Upgrades
  • 005/14 MCO Release
  • 006/14 USMC CCI Disposition Policy Change 
  • 002/13, EKMS ISIC and Inspector Alignment for EKMS Accounts
  • 003/13, EKMS Inspections for Accounts Transitioning to KMI
  • 005/13, Non Delivery of CIRs

  • 003/12, KP & LKEK Changeover and Audit Trails Requirements
  • 004/12, Procedures for INE and FTR CIK
  • 005/12, LMD Archive Requirements
  • 007/12, CAD Information
  • 009/12, EKMS ISICs/Inspectors Alignment for EKMS Accounts
  • 011/12, SCI Indoctrinations of USMC EKMS Managers

  • 003/11 Inventory Reconciliation Milestone and Follow on Guidance
  • 009/11 SIPRNET Installation in COMSEC Facilities ISO KMI
 EKMS Publication Series  Marine Corps Orders
  • 1B (AMD7), EKMS Policy and Procedures for Navy EKMS Tiers 2 & 3
  • 1B Supp-1, Interim Policy and Procedures for Accounts Transitioning to the KMI
  • 3C (AMD7) – EKMS Inspection Manual
  • 5A (AMD7) – Cryptographic Equipment Information/Guidance Manual
  • AMD6) EKMS for Commanding Officer’s Handbook
  • MCO 2281.1A, Marine Corps EKMS Policy
  • MCO 5530.14A, Marine Corps Physical Security

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  • Cybersecurity Division

    Headquarters Marine Corps Cybersecurity Division

    Pentagon, Room 2D247
    Washington, DC 20350-3000  

    Telephone: (703) 693-3490