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Cybersecurity Division


Cybersecurity Division

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  Listed below are several of the critical areas in Cybersecurity supported by this division. Many of these groups are at the forefront of developing standards and policies, not only within the DoD but also industry-wide. Cybersecurity Personnel supporting these areas serve to encourage collaboration between multiple federal organizations.

        •  DISN Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG)

        •  Education, Training, and Awareness Working Group (ETAWG) - Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS)

        •  Information Assurance Workforce Management Oversight and Compliance Council (IAWF MOCC) - Department of Navy (DON)

        •  Joint Key Management Infrastructure Working Group (JKMIWG)

        •  Joint Services Crypto Modernization Working Group (JSCMWG)

        •  Military Communications-Electronics Board (MCEB)

        •  PKI Business Working Group (PKI BWG) - DoD

        •  PKI Global Directory Service Working Group (PKI GDSWG) - DoD

        •  PKI Tactical Working Group (PKI Tactical WG) - DoD

        •  PKI Technical Working Group (PKI TWG) - DoD

        •  Ports, Protocols, & Services Configuration Control Board/Technical Advisory Group (PPS CCB/TAG) - DoD

        •  Wireless Policy Working Group - DON

Points of Contact


DSN/Commercial         Phone Number Purpose

Division Mailbox 

223 -3490/ 

(703) 693-3490

General Cybersecurity questions
FISMA (Marine Corps)  N/A Questions relating to the Federal Information Security Management  Act as it pertains to the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN).

Information Manager

 N/A  Questions or suggestions regarding the website
Policy Questions  N/A General questions regarding Cybersecurity policy


(703) 784-5300

Reach via the MCEN Battle Captain. A trouble ticket will be generated and the team will respond in the order in which the requests are submitted.

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